Figure 8-shaped balloon is designed to lock into valve anatomy, limiting movement, reducing procedure/ischemic time

Balloon shape maintained throughout inflation reduces likelihood of annular rupture

Enhanced leaflet hyperextension without increasing the risk of annulus over-distension

Rapid inflate/deflate times

Instructions for Use
InterValve, Inc. provides quick and easy access to product literature online as an alternative to printed documents. Below you will find physician Instructions for Use (IFU) for selected products. InterValve recommends that product IFUs be downloaded, printed, reviewed, and readily available for operator reference during procedures when using our devices.

Note: These documents may be revised from time to time, so please refer to this Web page for the most current version at the time of the procedure.

Copies will be provided at no additional cost within 7 calendar days of receiving the request or at the time of delivery of the product if so requested at the time of order. Please contact InterValve to request a printed paper copy of an IFU.



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