Medical Technology is focusing on bringing the latest technologies to the region. Medical Technology has aquired two of the leading medical robotics companies in Cardiac Interventions. Corindus is considered the first robotic system available in the market that assist physicians in performing protectd PCI. Physicians operate cathetrs by stiting in a cockpit placed in the theater away from radiation source allowing physicians to operate without the burdon of Lead Aprons. The physicians control the movement of the catheter through a Joystick in the cockpit. The physicins can manuver, Wires, Balloons, Stents, Guide Catheters and other devices such as IVUS and OCT wires.

Stereotaxis is a the top leading compnay in Robotic Systems in Electrophysiology. Steareotaxis allow physicins to remotly operate procedures away from radiation source in theaters. Physicians operate and remotly navigate catheters from the control room. The navigation is established by controlling catheters thru a generated magnatic field which is create from two magnets inside the lab.

Whether it is PCI Assted Robotics or Magnatic Navigation Robotics, both solutions help in protecting physicians form work hazards that could be resulted from Radiation and long working hours around radiation source. Both Robotic Solutions proved their Safety and Efficacy in clinical trial and proved that these systems can provide optimal treatment with milimeter precision, to achieve successful results with an enviroment that protects operator for work hazords.

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